‘Bachelor’ 2017 Star Corinne Olympios Receives PornHub Offer


In February 20’s Bachelor 2017 Hometown Dates episode, Corinne Olympios revealed she’s not afraid to be the breadwinner in her relationship.

And judging by the entire alternatives rolling in for the Season 21 villain, she’s positively capable of earn that bread!

However, judging by her historical past of showing in rap movies and in search of fame, we expect she’ll at the least contemplate her newest supply from Pornhub.

Yes, the web porn emporium has reached out to the 25-year-old by way of a letter from the corporate’s vp, Corey Price.

Dated at this time, February 21, he notes the staff had seen her within the 2011 video for two Chainz’s “Zip & A Double Cup,” calling her a “standout.”

“We were enamored with your talent,” Corey writes. “So much so that we’d like to feature you in an upcoming music video for Pornhub Records.”

He goes on to elucidate that Pornhub’s file label, launched in 2014, has labored alongside Flo Rida, Coolio, Waka Flocka, and different hip hop stars.

Now, it’s attention-grabbing that such a low-energy displaying from the Miami gal — one which even spurred 2 Chainz to fret aloud, “is she OK?!” — would impress them a lot.

Then once more, possibly it’s the entire further scantily-dressed pics the fact star has taken and shared on social media.

Not to say, that is the gal who as soon as wrote in her Model Mayhem bio, “I will do whatever it takes to fulfill my dreams and goals,” and even filmed one other actuality pilot known as Unorthodox Approach previous to the ABC franchise.

But would she truly settle for the supply?

We’re not satisfied, although the corporate does throw in three fairly engaging incentives: “Voodoo dolls will be permitted on set.”

“You will have free rein to take as many naps on set as you’d like — I mean Jordan and Lincoln took naps.”

“We are open to including your nanny Raquel in the video. Let us know if you’d like to share the spotlight.”

They’re additionally open to “additional requests,” the VP particulars.

“Quite simply, we want to make Corinne great again,” he concludes. “Let’s take the music industry by storm and do this.”