Nouvelle-Zélande Femmes Inspiring vidéo de son Voyage du corps

Rencontrez Donna Louise Gragg. Elle est une femme de 40 ans originaire de Dunedin, Nouvelle-Zélande, a été informé par les médecins qu’elle pourrait avoir un bébé parce qu’il était trop lourd.

Elle avait vraiment essayé d’avoir un bébé depuis plus d’un an, mais sans succès en raison de leur poids. A l’époque, elle pesait 131,5 kilos et a été dit que, dans le but de perdre du poids si elle voulait avoir un bébé. Ils ont également dit qu’ils devaient être exploités.

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«Il est très dévastateur pour être dit, la seule raison pour laquelle vous n’êtes pas enceinte, parce que votre poids, mais il a toujours été un problème pour moi, je dois toute ma vie été formidable», dit-elle.

“A la fin de la journée, je suis accro à la nourriture, et si vous êtes accro à quelque chose, vous pouvez le faire non seulement sur votre propre … et certaines personnes n’aime pas admettre qu’ils ont fonctionné, mais je décidé que je sors et dis mon histoire “, at-elle poursuivi.


De là, ils ont décidé de commencer leur voyage incroyable qui allait durer 10 mois, et de veiller à 71,5 kg plus léger.

«J’ai perdu un peu de poids, ce qui a conduit à l’opération qui a été nécessaire, mais après l’opération, il a juste tombé. Je suis arrivé à mon poids de but de 70 kg dans les huit mois et je suis maintenant 60 kg “, dit-elle.

Vous vous êtes inscrit à danser sur toutes les étapes du voyage et enfin mettre sur pied un montage de leur danse à Taylor Swift Shake it off. Voir la vidéo ci-dessous:

L’étendue de la vidéo est incroyable de voir comment à la fin de la vidéo, on peut voir danser dans une jambe d’une vieille paire de jeans qu’elle possédait.

Ils pourraient conserver leur nouvelle forme en tenait par sa routine nouvelle et plus sain.


“Je suis actif et former trois ou quatre fois par semaine et je me sens fantastique et sain, je ne suis jamais allé si petit,” dit-elle.

Elle dit, même si elles ne peuvent pas tomber enceinte, il est beaucoup «plus sain et plus heureux.”

Band To Watch: Vagabon

“In my country, and in a lot of countries, people still go to the well to get their water,” Vagabon’s Laetitia Tamko explains to me as she begins to disclose the metaphorical crux of one among her new songs. Tamko grew up in Cameroon earlier than shifting to New York within the early 2000s, and he or she instinctually refers again to her private historical past to make this central level. Choosing her phrases extra-carefully, Tamko describes the ritual of going to a nicely intimately: “You walk it back to your house, you use the water or put it in a container, and then you do the same trip back,” she continues. “People don’t always check to see if there’s any more left after they’ve taken what they need. No one looks down a well.” Tamko proceeds cautiously earlier than reaching an abrupt conclusion: “I guess, in the case of that song…I am the well.” Read more

How to decorate to your birthday celebration

Our birthday is at all times a special occasion, and all of us need it to be good. Did you already plan the way to have a good time yours? How about dinner, drinks, or a celebration with mates? This month we watched a few of our favorites celebrities, amongst which Bella Hadid and Kendal Jenner, have a good time their birthdays, and we realized from them the way to be the star of the occasion. Do you want any extra suggestions? First and foremost, positively do to not set your self any limits. You know these lovely, dainty robes you may have in your closet for particular events? It’s time to put on them! Make positive you look gorgeous, even for the best of plans, no excuses. Get impressed, and be able to occasion.

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Mandy Moore’s Cat Psychically Asked Her to Change His Name


Gareth Cattermole/Getty Images for amfAR


Apparently Mandy Moore’s cat needed to be a well-known singer, too!

The pop star and actress, presently starring on This Is Us, simply revealed she employed an animal psychic as a result of her kitty Addison stored screeching at unreasonable hours… as a result of he appreciated to sing and needed to be named Figaro? Keep studying, folks…

“I called a pet psychic. I tried everything to stop him. He was like a baby keeping us up all night,” Mandy defined on the November eight episode of The Ellen DeGeneres Show.

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“I had a buddy who had had a tough interval along with his canine and he known as a pet psychic. So that was my final resort.

“I known as this girl and he or she informed me that [the cats’] names have been Addison and Maddie. My ex-husband had named them after the 2 Moonlighting characters.”

Mandy Moore


David Livingston/Getty Images


“And I was like, ‘OK I don’t understand what’s going on with him.’ And she told me he hated his name, Addison,” the 32-year-old continued.

“We did it all on the phone. She didn’t see a picture, she didn’t ask me anything about them, I just regaled the situation.”

VIDEO: Mandy Moore Opens Up About Minka Kelly Dating Ex Wilmer Valderrama

“She said he hates his name and the reason he’s crying all night is because he loves the acoustics in the apartment and he wants to hear himself sing,” she stated.

So he would love [me] to vary his identify. He loves the identify Fig, as a result of he likes to sing.”

Though quizzical, Mandy adopted the psychic’s ideas and her cat stopped crying instantly.

“I kid you not, we started calling him Figaro and the crying at night stopped immediately,” she stated. “It’s crazy!”

Wait, now Figaro doesn’t wish to caterwaul sing?

Kim Kardashian Is Exploring the Possibility of Surrogacy (VIDEO)


In a sneak peek promo for subsequent Sunday’s episode, the 35-year-old opens as much as her mother Kris Jenner about the opportunity of surrogacy.

“So I’ve come to the conclusion that I simply need to discover surrogacy,” the fact star says.

Major aspect eye

A photograph posted by Kim Kardashian West (@kimkardashian) on

Kimmy had two very tough pregnancies and suffered from a life threatening situation, placenta accreta, whereas carrying each kids. 

“We induced my labor and I had North soon after. Right after delivery, the placenta usually then comes out,” she defined on an episode of KUWTK.

“Mine did not. My placenta stayed attached inside my uterus, which is a condition called placenta accreta. My doctor had to stick his entire arm in me and detach the placenta with his hand, scraping it away from my uterus with his fingernails.”

Yikes! That does not sound like enjoyable.

NEWS: Kris Jenner Turns 61, See What Her Kids Have to Say — Including Kim

“With the issues I had last time, my risk of having pre-eclampsia and placenta accreta are increased and there’s not a whole lot I can do to prevent it, so my anxiety is a little high leading up to my delivery,” she stated about her being pregnant with Saint.

Because of her being pregnant difficulties, possibly surrogacy is the right manner for the Kardashian-Wests to broaden their brood!

Keeping Up With the Kardashians airs Sundays at 9 p.m. on E!

Björk Breaks Her Heart Again For Devastating Hometown Show

Björk is Iceland’s greatest export. Even for individuals who are unfamiliar with just about any side of the nation’s historical past, it’s a properly documented indisputable fact that she’s its most famed contribution to widespread tradition. Seeing her carry out in Reykjavik final night time was particular, and in a theater full of principally outsiders venturing to the nation for Iceland Airwaves, the specialness of the expertise was palpable. A gaggle of individuals seated behind me all held their breath and grasped each other’s palms because the lights dimmed and Björk took the stage. For many, Icelandic music is the closest they’ll get to Reykjavik. It’s secure to imagine, then, that there are particular traits folks affiliate with Icelanders. If you’re trying to Sigur Rós, it’s a sure ethereal, depressive vibe. If you’re trying to Björk, it’s a playful weirdness that exists exterior of time. Obviously, one artist can’t outline a whole nation, however Björk has all the time been an acceptable mascot for this place. She proves that regardless of its isolation, and possibly even due to it, inventive prospects are boundless. Read more

TBS Taste: FancyToast, American Toast in Milan

It all began on a Sunday afternoon, with my TBS coworker Giulia sending me the picture of a grilled cheese sandwich on Whatsapp, with the textual content “we need to go there, right away”. Very clear message. The sandwich I’m speaking about is the one you may style at Fancy Toast, an exquisite new little place within the Moscova space that already has a hardcore following after working for just a few months. Don’t take into consideration your garden-variety sandwich store, although, we’re speaking American-style sandwiches right here: a bread slice will get chucked on the grill, then topped with candy and savory scrumptious stuff. I instantly wrote again to Giulia, and we deliberate to go there the next day, to style the well-known California-style sandwiches. We say California-style as a result of it was whereas experiencing the approach to life and vibes of San Francisco that Federica first had the concept to open this little nook of paradise in Milan. Fancy Toast was really began by 6 individuals, all coming from totally different walks of life however with the identical dream and instinct: bringing the American Dream to Milan. And they actually managed to do this, since their place has a particular West Coast vibe, due to neon indicators, refill espresso stations, and most of all, a relaxed and cheerful ambiance. We tried the Epic Avocado toast for savory, and examined a candy sandwich too, with scrumptious peanut butter and honey. They have been each wonderful, guys! When chatting with proprietor Federica, we bought some extra excellent news: salad bowls might be added to their menu quickly, and all-American banana bread might be accessible quickly as properly, along with common bread. We can’t wait to style their new stuff!



Watch all of the pics of our TBS Taste

Fancy Toast location
Vincenzo, Francesca and Giulia tasting the Epic Avocado!
Fancy Toast
Fancy Toast
Fancy Toast and Vincenzo
Giulia and Vincenzo choosing their toast
Almost ready..
Vincenzo and Giulia, just gnammy!
Peanut butter and honey toast
Avocado toast, anyone?
Avocado Toast
Vincenzo, Francesca and Giulia
Happy after trying the toasts
Grab it!
Francesca, Estelle, Vincenzo and Giulia
Say its name!


‘The Vampire Diaries’ Season eight, Episode 2 May Have Killed Off a Major Character

Damon has formally stepped manner, manner over the evil line in The Vampire Diaries Season eight, Episode three. Funny, for an episode titled “You Decided That I Was Worth Saving,” there wasn’t a whole lot of “saving” occurring.

Um, did Damon simply kill Tyler Lockwood?

We’ll get to that, however let’s begin again at first.

In a gasp-inducing opening scene, we see the notorious The Vampire Diaries second of Elena within the sinking automotive together with her dad and mom, the second they died. Except on this second, Detective Forbes (sure!) pronounces all three Gilbert relations useless.

NEWS: Nina Dobrev Will Be Back for TVD Season eight!

UGH, Sybil is messing with Damon’s reminiscence. And in case we couldn’t already inform she asks, “Did you know her?”

“No, I never met her,” Damon replies.

He is in deep with this Siren thoughts management.

But we reduce to a distinct beloved vampire getting the mind-control therapy: Enzo. Enzo is combating as onerous as any man ever has with Sybil and she will be able to’t persuade him to show off his humanity change.

Instead, in mild of the Enzo-Bonnie information, Sybil tells Damon provides Damon that horrible order: Kill Bonnie Bennett.

Meanwhile, there’s some critical Bonoline (is factor?) love as Bonnie treats the newly engaged Caroline to a celebration of her upcoming nuptials.

Unfortunately, their blissful day is actually crashed by Damon in a marriage gown store, however the badass girls workforce up and lure him towards the wall with an extended stake earlier than they get away. Unfortunately they don’t get away for lengthy.

Sybil had simply found that Bonnie can be Damon’s greatest pal, and similar to she did with Elena, she changed herself in all of Damon’s good recollections of her. So, as Bonnie and Caroline are gathering weapons to defend towards Damon’s orders to kill Bonnie, Sybil exhibits up within the Salvatore home and confronts Enzo’s real love.

“I want to know what makes you so special. What is it about you that has Enzo and Damon wrapped around those flawlessly manicured little fingers?” Sybil asks our favourite magic-less witch.

Jealous, a lot?

Sybil then presents an unimaginable selection: Choose between Enzo and Damon, who will dwell and who will die and go to hell? When Bonnie refuses, the Siren then lets her know that the 2 have been compelled to combat to the loss of life anyway.

Uh oh.


Damon, nonetheless, has given a (seeming) name for assist to his brother, straight from Mystic Falls High School: “Whatever desire you have to save me, I kinda need that right now.” He opens up his trunk, and Enzo is tied up.

Looks like Sybil wasn’t bluffing.

While the ladies are within the automotive, the boys are again within the slaughterhouse getting ready for the lethal combat. But in a modern-era transfer, Bonnie slams on the brakes, sending Sybil by means of the windshield onto the road and so they race to the combat on their very own. Not earlier than, nonetheless, she will get out the ultimate dig that Stefan being there’ll solely imply he’ll select his brother over Bonnie’s love.

NEWS: Season eight Premiere Shows Us Who The Vault Monster Is

Alaric, in the meantime, has been working with Georgie to analysis the artifact that trapped the Siren within the Armory. Georgie theorizes that the image on it implies that it was born in hell, and is the literal satan’s pitchfork. But when Alaric’s twins by accident decide up the artifact, they drop it and it makes a loud ringing noise. It’s a tuning fork.

And let’s simply say that Georgie doesn’t fairly imagine that every one of Alaric’s curiosity is for purely tutorial functions.

Back within the Battle Royale, Stefan is attempting to interrupt up Damon and Enzo, however Caroline exhibits up and jumps in to cease him: “I promised Bonnie,” she says, clearly realizing that what Sybil mentioned was proper; nobody is on Enzo’s facet.

Still, Damon manages to take down Enzo and attain into his coronary heart, simply as Sybil exhibits up. Bonnie pleads with Damon to cease, however when it doesn’t work, she says the three phrases the Siren has been ready for: “I choose Enzo.”

It’s not that easy, nonetheless. Sybil is aware of she will be able to’t work with Enzo, who fights towards her. So as a substitute she breaks the deal and tells Damon to kill Bonnie… except Enzo turns off his humanity.

“If anyone can pull me back from the precipice, it you. I know you can,” Enzo says to Bonnie, kisses her, after which turns off his humanity.

Of course Sybil being straight-up evil, she doesn’t let Bonnie get away, and gained’t revoke Damon’s mind-control to kill her. She counts down from 10 as Damon chases after Bonnie.

NEWS: Everything We Know About TVD Season eight

Just as he’s about to do it, Alaric saves the day, exhibiting up and ringing the tuning fork. Sybil falls to the bottom, captured. Alaric returns her to the Armory, however Damon tells Stefan his work with the Siren isn’t achieved but.

Oh, and Georgie? Yeah she noticed the entire thing. Awk.

Damon flashes to his reminiscence of the jail world, however as a substitute of Bonnie, it’s Sybil consuming the blueberry pancakes.

“You have too many attachments,” she says. Oh no, we see the place that is going.


Flash again, and we see a automotive driving down the darkish streets. It’s not Damon’s, as a result of we see Damon mendacity in the midst of the highway. The driver will get out and, OMG, it’s Tyler Lockwood.

Beyoncé Will Reportedly Join Jay Z At Hillary Clinton Rally Tomorrow

Jay Z is performing in Cleveland tomorrow as part of Hillary Clinton’s Get Out The Vote live performance collection. But he will not be alone — CBS News reviews that Beyoncé can be becoming a member of her husband on the Cleveland State University rally, in keeping with a supply who overheard the information. The present is … More »

Aperitif in Milan: 5 luxurious choices

A brand new week means new recommendations — and about what else however aperitif? It’s considered one of our favourite issues, in spite of everything! Last week we gave you our insider suggestions for the place to go for a drink underneath 10 euro. Today, we’re going to counsel a couple of luxurious choices as an alternative: costs might be larger, however on this case, additionally, you will be shopping for an expertise! Trust us, it’s price it, generally.

Bulgari Hotel (Via Privata Fratelli Gabba, 7b)
When you’re feeling like a high quality, stylish aperitif, Bulgari is at all times a superb place to go The location is refined and each single element is taken care of, and their drinks are astonishing. The mixologists listed here are a few of the greatest in central Milan! Our cocktail tip? Their seasonal cocktail, blended by their bartenders another way each season. We at TBS usually go there with Chiara, to spend a while collectively in a spot with simply the precise ambiance.

Café Trussardi (Piazza della Scala 5)
Cafe Trussardi is tucked away behind one of many world’s most prestigious theaters. Whether you’re within the space to go watch a play, or you’re simply spending a while within the metropolis middle, this place is unquestionably a great place for an unique aperitif, made in Italy. Everything is beautiful right here, from the splendidly blended cocktails, to their scrumptious canapés. It’s so good you could be tempted to have dinner, right here, too… And that might be an awesome selection!

Ceresio 7 (Via Ceresio 7)
This place is at all times magical, in summer time and in wintertime. Thanks to their specifically educated bartenders, their drinks have an American taste. Ceresio 7 belongs the brothers who based Dsquared2, and so they made positive to not neglect to additionally add some Italian aptitude to their bar: that is seen within the interiors, and within the lovely view that lets patrons respect the marvels of Milan. It’s good for an evening out with pals, in addition to for a romantic date!

Armani Nobu (Via Gastone Pisoni)
We should say, Nobu is a assure. This well-known restaurant presents a really distinctive expertise, which can make you need to return very quickly after your go to. They have a big number of drinks, however the spotlight at Nobu is within the buffet: sushi and Japanese dishes, to be savored along with your favorite cocktails. You ought to undoubtedly strive it not less than as soon as in your life.

Sheraton Diana Majestic (Viale Piave, 42)
Their location, in an interior courtyard, with a small backyard and a man-made lake, makes the aperitif at Diana simply distinctive. It’s a wonderful selection regardless of the excessive worth: their buffet is actually wealthy, presumably essentially the most beneficiant on our listing at the moment, the atmosphere is refined however nonetheless standard with younger folks, who’re there to strive their traditional aperitif. The space is likely one of the best to achieve on the town, which makes it even higher. No excuses, all it’s a must to do is strive it!

Bvlgari Hotel  (from Facebook)
Bvlgari Hotel  (from Facebook)
Café Trussardi  (from Facebook)
Café Trussardi  (from Facebook)
Café Trussardi  (from Facebook)
Ceresio 7  (from Instagram)
Ceresio 7  (from Instagram)
Ceresio 7  (from Instagram)
Armani Nobu  (from Facebook)
Armani Nobu  (from Facebook)
Armani Nobu  (from Facebook)
Sheraton Diana Majestic  (from Facebook)
Sheraton Diana Majestic  (from Facebook)