‘The Vampire Diaries’ Recap: Season eight Premiere Shows Us Who The Vault Monster Is

Annette Brown/The CW

It was with two iconic phrases midway via the Season eight premiere that followers knew The Vampire Diaries was undoubtedly again: “Hello, Brother.”

They had been Damon’s phrases to Stefan all the best way again within the sequence premiere, the phrases that kickstarted all of it, and now once more they’re what Damon says to Stefan when Stefan lastly finds his evil-monster-controlled brother.

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But we’re getting forward of ourselves. Let’s return to the start of this The Vampire Diaries recap of Season eight, Episode 1, completely titled “Hello, Brother.”

A pair are driving alongside a nighttime foggy street, so clearly they’re about to be the primary victims of Season eight. Sure sufficient, they get tricked by Damon’s old-school man within the street trick, and they’re kidnapped and brought by Damon and Enzo to that straight-up horrific slaughterhouse we noticed within the Season 7 finale.

Yes, Damon and Enzo are nonetheless evil from the vault monster within the Armory, and the remainder of the crew continues to be no nearer to discovering them — for now.

The vampire duo proceed their massacre streak by asking the couple the worst issues they’ve ever completed. After figuring out it was the man, Enzo kills the woman shortly and drops the physique, whereas Damon hangs the man from a meathook over essentially the most terrifying reddish pool ever.

When the screaming man is lowered into the pool, let’s simply say that’s the final of him. Gross.

During a Damon-Enzo convo, it’s made clear that Damon has shut off his humanity, however Enzo perhaps hasn’t. They two, nonetheless, have been appearing as minions for the vault monster within the pool, on the lookout for individuals who have completed evil issues to sacrifice.

“It can get into our minds, it knows how I feel,” Enzo says in regards to the monster.

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Because Bonnie, Stefan, and Caroline have been monitoring lacking individuals studies to search out Damon and Enzo, once they discover the woman’s physique has been discovered, they hope it’s their (now evil) pals altering their sample, to allow them to discover them.

Their hope seems to be true. At the physique crime scene Bonnie notices that the woman was strangled by a guitar string — a vastly essential merchandise in her relationship with Enzo — and candlewax was within the woman’s ear. Is Enzo sending Bonnie clues to the place he’s?

When extra clues lead Bonnie and Stefan to the slaughterhouse, Damon will get to say his titular “Hello, brother,” line.

Stefan is tremendous involved about his brother, as a result of he doesn’t appear to have any curiosity in regaining his humanity, and he rambles on about all of the evil issues he has completed in his life (is that this one thing to do with the vault monster wanting evil folks?), and about how the monster doesn’t need Stefan… but.

But he caps off his rant by blaming Stefan for turning him right into a vampire within the first place. Ouch.

Meanwhile, Alaric helps the gang by finding out the vault itself as the brand new keeper of the Armory. He and his two interns uncover that when blindfolded and ears blocked, they’ll use their heightened sense of contact to discover a secret passageway, resulting in a room filled with preserved artifacts Alaric refers to as a “geek goldmine.”

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With Alaric’s new job and Caroline working on the TV station, they’ve employed a nanny named Seline to look after the twins. When Seline is in Caroline’s dwelling late, none aside from the lacking Virginia St. John — bear in mind, the one who warned everybody about opening the vault within the first place? — sneaks up on her, slits her throat, and goes on the lookout for the twins earlier than Caroline stops her.

Caroline saves Seline and interrogates Virginia about what’s happening with the vault.

“You let them open the vault … It has come for them,” Virginia says.

“What does it want with my children?” Caroline cries earlier than Virginia actually bites her tongue off and dies somewhat than having to reply.

Yikes, what does the monster after evil folks need with little ladies?

Back to Bonnie. She’s beginning to bear in mind some good instances with Enzo, however one particularly is nagging in her thoughts. Enzo is studying her a passage from his favourite love story The Odyssey, about Sirens.

The passage has the candlewax and hyperlinks again to many different clues Enzo has left Bonnie. He is attempting to speak together with his love!

Enzo appears to wish to inform Bonnie that he’s below thoughts management, by a Siren, and one take a look at the second-to-last scene and Enzo appears to be precisely proper: A singing lady steps from the pool of water.

The vault monster is nearly undoubtedly a Siren.

But wait, it’s not time to surrender on Damon but: Just as Stefan is writing to Elena that they may have misplaced him without end, we see Damon having a dream in regards to the first second he met Elena.

“Elena I need you,” he says. “I don’t know how much longer I can fight.”

Whoa. So each of our “evil” vampires are utilizing their true likes to battle off the Siren’s controls. We’ll should preserve watching to see if love can actually conquer all. But as Stefan advised us, hope hurts.

The Vampire Diaries Season eight airs Fridays at eight p.m. ET on The CW.